PHP and Web Services

I’ve been kindly invited by Prof.Carlos Costa to present a workshop at the CITOT 2007 conference. The conference has just finished and I’m sharing my presentation slides right here. You can also download the full presentation (PDF format, 1.5MB).

I also had a great time during the coffee breaks talking about different subjects, from Open Source to Web Art. I hope more conferences like this take place in Portugal because it’s a fantastic way to share opinions and, who knows, start new projects.


3 thoughts on “PHP and Web Services”

  1. Congratulations, that was great. A straight to the point presentation on php+webservices. Nicely done.

    A question though… What’s the biggest advantage of using DOM to generate an XML response instead of simply echo-ing it to the browser?

  2. André: thanks for your comment. Great question too!

    I’m quoting two articles on this subject.

    “The real value of using the DOM is that the XML it creates is always well formed.” (Herrington, J., “Reading and writing the XML DOM with PHP”,

    “With the W3C DOM, content authors can:

    – Move one part of the document tree to another without destroying and re-creating the content.

    – Create elements and attach them to any point in the document tree.

    – Organize and manipulate new or existing tree branches in a document fragment before inserting the objects back into the tree.

    The ability to move a part of the document tree without destroying and re-creating the content reduces the size of script and is more efficient.” (“About the W3C Document Object Model”, MSDN Library,

    So, basically, it should be easier to manipulate XML by using DOM than directly.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up. I guess I can see what you mean. Furthermore, the DOM also allows a non-sequencial creation of the document. We can jump up and down the tree, insert, cut, etc. In some cases that might really come in handy…

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