Bruno Pedro

Adegga and AVIN

Do you enjoy wine? You’re gonna love Adegga, the place where you can discover new wines by looking at other people’s tastings and findings.

Adegga logo

Adegga just came out of a closed beta and right now anyone can start using it as long as they get invited by another user. That’s right, during an initial phase, registration is only available to invited users. This is a way of controlling the growth and making any necessary adjustments as the user base expands.

Adegga features

So, what can you do at Adegga? First, you can use it as your cellar organizer, keeping a history of all the wines you buy and taste. You can also attach notes to any wine, making it easier to contextualize it afterwards.

The breakthrough for me, was the “watchlist” concept. You can actually follow your friends’ tastings as they update them. You can even access the list through RSS and you favorite feed reader. Here’s some of my tasted wines:

bpedro’s tasted wines at Adegga

Every wine in Adegga is identified by a code crafted with attention to details like the country of origin, the region, the wine type, etc. This code is called AVIN and pretends to be the ISBN of the wine world.

What a great concept. Imagine being able to correctly identify a wine by reading its AVIN. Imagine the possibilities when wine producers begin labeling the AVIN code on their bottles.