For free? Why?

Great post by Pedro Pinheiro about making a business around art. I particularly like this excerpt:

For free? Why?

Because the money to be earned is not on things that can be copied. That’s a lost battle. If you’re a musician, you can make more money on concerts and events. If you’re a photographer, more money can be made by shooting specific assignments for customers, or on photography workshops. If you’re a writer, you can make more money by participating as a speaker at conferences. The era of making something and just making your livelihood from just that is nearing its end. And getting your creations known to the widest possible audience is the key for getting work that can’t be replicated.

Read the original: Pedro Pinheiro: My artist’s manifesto.


One thought on “For free? Why?”

  1. Yes, and I glad for that new era, people making money simple by they controlling "the media", "the channels", must end because is not fair.
    They here controlling the creators and the consumers and sucking money out of both victims.

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