Another interesting move by Rocket, whose development team is based in Portugal.


That was quick. Around a month ago, payments processor du jour Stripe got valued at half a billion dollars. Rumours emerged just days later that Berlin clone factory Rocket Internet was set to pump out a copy – now that version has arrived in the form of Paymill.

It’s the third of the Samwer brothers’ payment service clones – BillPay already copies BillMeLater and PayLeven apes Square. Like those others, Paymill hews closely to its source material – for instance, Stripe offers developers a simple RESTful API for quickly integrating payment functionality without the hassle of handling card details, and so does Paymill.

Several German online stores have already implemented Paymill, namely,, and

Stripe takes a 2.9 percent cut, plus 30 U.S. cents, per transaction. Paymill takes 2.95 percent and 28 euro cents, or 35 U.S. cents. So the Rocket option is a bit…

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