Is the World socialist?

Ayn Rand

Revisiting an old story by Dave Winer:

If you want to go back to the point where we decided to be socialist and try to undo it, you’re going to have to kill most of the people on the planet who depend on the current system for sustenance. And like it or not, that probably includes you. It certainly includes most of the idiots running around preaching Ayn Rand these days. — in The World is socialist

It’s funny how most people can’t understand that everything is interconnected to a point where it’s impossible to live without depending on something.


Re: Afternoon sellout notes

Dave Winer praises Dropbox technology and goes further by suggesting that everyone should be able to run their own private servers:

(…) the technology that Dropbox has mastered is so important that there should be an open source equivalent that we can all deploy, so we can have Dropboxes for sensitive info we don’t want to share with them (…)

I’m a happy Dropbox user myself and I went looking for options. Well, there isn’t an out-of-the-box open source equivalent to Dropbox but you could easily build one:

Now we have is a simple Dropbox style app that is lightweight, with a functional back-end running rsync, which is a known stable app that will scale, and while it doesn’t provide the front-end and web view that Dropbox does, that could be an easy part for a UX developer to tackle (…)

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RSSCloud, a PubSubHubbub alternative?

Great news for all RSS advocates: Dave Winer somehow convinced Matt Mullenweg to automatically support RSSCloud on all blogs.

Quoting ReadWriteWeb, who apparently broke the news:

All blogs on the platform and any blogs that opt-in will now make instant updates available to any RSS readers subscribed to a new feature called RSSCloud. There is currently only one RSS aggregator that supports RSSCloud, Dave Winer’s brand-new reader River2. That will probably change very soon.

If you have a blog, you can easily install the recently launched RSSCloud plugin, by Joseph Scott, an employee of Automattic, the company behind WordPress.

Now, how will RSSCloud compare to PubSubHubbub? As Chris Messina points out on a comment to Dave Winer’s announcement, “it’d be nice to either protocol gain adoption and enable a better P2P push-based infrastructure to rise up.”

Let’s see how both technologies evolve. So far RSSCloud is only being used by a single feed reader but has gained a massive number of publishers through the adoption.

PubSubHubbub is ahead in the game, currently being used by Feedburner, Blogger, Google Reader, Google Latitude, YouTube, PicasaWeb, FriendFeed, LiveJournal and Superfeedr, to name just a few. There’s also a plugin, written by Josh Fraser.