Blog posts firehoses

Three more firehoses to get all blog posts from the following platforms:

  1. blogger posts, through their changes.xml;
  2. tumblr posts, through superfeedr‘s track feature;
  3. posts, through their firehose feature.

While the first feed is free of charge, the other two have an attached price tag.

Also worth investigating is Paul Kinlan’s faux firehose for blogger.

Re: More On Cross-Platform Tumbling: Following Is Mostly RSS on /Message

You say:

My sense is that cross-platform following can mostly be achieved by RSS subscription, although following does include a notification aspect. For example, in both Typepad and Tumblr I can expose the list of those that I am following, and those that are following me. Various platforms need only to notify each other of following and unfollowing, and the identities involved, and then cross-platform following semantics works.

I agree with using RSS subscription as a cross-platform following mechanism but I’d stop there. If you’re gonna use RSS over HTTP then you can use the unique visitors metric as your “followers” count and the referrer information to find out who those followers are.

This, of course, only makes sense if you have a ready to use application that manages all those metrics for you.

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