Bruno PedroBruno Pedro is a Web and Cloud Computing Technologist with over ten years’ experience working on the industry.

Bruno has been developing Open Source and commercial applications since 1995. He’s an O’Reilly author and a regular speaker at industry-related events.

He’s also the co-founder of API Changelog, an API documentation monitoring and notification service and the editor of API UX, a collaborative blog about API User Experience.

Here’s an updated list of presentations and publications.


  • Hitch (co-founder and CTO): A single platform to help API owners engage with and grow their API community, 2016–now
  • API Changelog (co-founder and CTO): API documentation monitoring and notification, 2015–now
  • Nubera (CTO): the company behind GetApp and CloudWork, 2012–2014 (acquired by Gartner in 2015)
  • tarpipe (co-founder): a publishing mediation and distribution platform, 2008–2012 (acquired by Nubera)
  • JobTide (founder): a job aggregator and search engine, 2006–2011 (acquired by Adclick)
  • eth: a consulting and Web development company in south Portugal, 1999–2002

Open Source projects


Bruno is currently living in Barcelona, Spain, but is available to participate remotely in projects anywhere in the world. If you’re interested, check out his full profile at Linkedin, write him a message to bpedro@brunopedro.com, follow him on twitterGoogle+ or GitHub.