Bruno Pedro

PHP and Smarty on Large-Scale Web Development

Do you have to deal with large projects on a daily basis and feel that you’re always behind schedule? Have you tried all the available frameworks and quit because they don’t really fit into your development methodology? Are you a Web designer tired of writing PHP code all day long?

PHP and Smarty on Large-Scale Web Development

PHP and Smarty on Large-Scale Web Development is a Short Cut Book from O’Reilly that I wrote along with Vitor Rodrigues. It’s a book for developers, engineering managers and Web designers. It shows you what a good choice using PHP and Smarty can be for Large Scale Web projects.

The book covers numerous topics related with Web development, template systems and performance solutions. Here’s a taste of the type of material you’ll find in the book:

The biggest advantage of the Template View Pattern is that it allows web designers to compose the content of the page simply by looking at the page structure. This means that you can efficiently split the tasks of development and web design within your team.

The approach described on the following pages is rather unconventional for applications using PHP and Smarty, but it is an excellent and elegant way of implementing the MVC pattern.

The Short Cut is currently available for download on the O’Reilly Web site.