Do you agree with twitter following limits?

Quoting the twitter status blog post  “Twitter Status – A note about per day following limits.”:

While there are technical reasons behind having some limit on following activites, this per-day limit exists to discourage spamminess. Also, it is unlikely that anyone can actually read tweets from thousands of accounts which makes the mass following activity disingenuous.

What do you think?


One thought on “Do you agree with twitter following limits?”

  1. Insane!

    I believe that this kind of limitation, will be extremely negative, why are they trying to solve a problem that email is trying to solve on past years.

    The mission is a valid one, although the road to get there is the wrong one, why don’t twitter allow the users to mark a twitt/user as spam/spammer ?

    Wouldn’t be the better for all ?

    Here are my 5 cents!

What do you think?

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