Bruno Pedro

Speaking at the first BarcelonaJS meetup

I’ll be speaking at the first BarcelonaJS meetup on January 30th in MOB, [Barcelona](,2.18333333333&spn=0.1,0.1&q=41.3833333333,2.18333333333 (Barcelona)&t=h “Barcelona”).

I’ll be presenting node-fs and talking about my experience trying to fix the common problem of recursive directory creation, failing to get it accepted into the core of node.js, and planned features for node-fs.


Other speakers include Pablo Casado, who will be talking about how to start with node.js, and also Jordi Romero, discussing a hybrid solution that leverages node.js and Rails.

BarcelonaJS is a monthly meetup started and being organized by Patrick Heneise.